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Dime lo que es el Amor

21 May

Tell me what love means to you. What memories do you have attached to this word which helps give meaning to it. How do we create love, find love, and give love? What type of lover are you? Do you fall in love only once or many times thru-out life? 

I beleive that in many ways LOVE has been taken hostage by the mainstream popular culture of consumption. It has been turned into fantasy many times over. This hype created around being in love can also really mess with a young person who sees his/her peers coupling up. It can devastate self-esteem if there is no “love” returned. 

Here’s  a video in Spanish that i discovered today. It is in Spanish and the concept of love is very simply stated here, The philosopher speaking is actually a scientist by the name of by Eduard Ponset. (unfortunately worpdress wouldn’t let me embed this video, please watch the video)

also, a year ago i wrote the poem below. I myself have been thinking about love lately. I am 26 and have been in 2 very committed relationships since I was 20. I am re-realizing that there’s a part of me that i have yet to discover bc i have limited my love and experiences to these specific persons. I am not your typical person who imagines families and marriage at any age of choice. I don’t care about ticking clocks either. I just know that i have evolved many times over. and so has the way i love. 

if you have been thinking about love and its meaning, comment below or write to me at anaruth@streetinc.biz.


5/15/08 -on love: 

comes without asking for it. 
i’ve been afraid of it. 
i’ve invited the feeling and emotion. 
it is possible to love more than once. 
it is possible to fall in love with the same person countless times. 
“loving somebody is different from being in love with somebody”

usually the first connection/attraction with someon is physical. but the connections that are longer lasting are intellectual and spiritual. 

the person i love: 
loves life. 
loves to dream.
loves to create. 
was sent to me by a shooting star.

as a woman, we tend to love or care for our partners (especially men) as if we were there mothers. serving them, making sure they eat, regressing more than necessary, endless devotion, pampering, making sure they feel good. in that process we forget about ourselves. we forget about our dreams, our goals, our freedom. 

a partner should motivate and inspire. a partner who loves you should bring you up, belive in you, instill confidence in you. 
a person who loves themself can love someone in a healthier manner. you compliment your own love with someone elses. you share love. as opposed to just giving and giving more of you with little to nothing in return. 

 “you dont have to be rich to rule my world, you don’t have to be cool” 

communication between people is a challenge, but it is important to have, especially if you are building. honest communication in any relationship must be practiced.

if intentions are not apparent, be careful. follow your instincts. 

“the signs are everywhere”

are you a consumer? or do you create ? 

i love.