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Galeano on a party bus!

15 Jun

I arrived at 3PM to stand in line to see Eduardo Galeano speak till 7:30PM. The first 7 women that arrived brought books to read, notebooks to write in, & cameras to document with. Everyone i met was a geek at heart and we were all proud to be fans of Galeano. We discussed L.A. apartheid, Gealeano’s femininity vs masculinity in writing, and a world-wide peace march. Mayra, the woman wearing green is an international organizer from Bolivia but lives in New Zealand. She is part of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence, and they are organizing a trans-continental march from October 2 thru January 2, 2010.  Please support a world peace march, follow the links. 

Galeano fans esperando y conociendose

While we stood in line, we self-organized a waiting list that went up to 50 something. We originally offered to volunteer to set-up tables, but all we got was a smirk. Turns out that they over-booked the event anyways. There were seats for 235 people but allowed 400 RSVP’s to be made. It did not matter that we stood in line so early, we were never going to get in. The organizers were punks about it too, at one point they wanted to throw the cops on us and denied the validity of our list. Even though as Galeano fans, we were peaceful and beyond it all. 


After all the madness of trying to get in and finding alternative routes to sneaking, my friend and i decided we had done everything we could. So instead, we went to go dance, on the streets! The Downtown Art Walk was happening and this is what we found …

Dancing on the Streets

Dancing on Spring St. / Gallery Row

We walked across the street and found some beautiful art curted by The New Latin Theater Company on Spring St. The artists were refreshing. 

Owl made with metal strings by

Dancing Women carved and painted onto Wood

Then we skipped around to other galleries and spaces and found more music,more artists, more fun, and a party bus. By the end of the night, we wondered if Galeano would have rather hung out with us and enjoyed the art walk instead. 

Reggae Band on Main St. and 5th, L.A.

Artist doing live art, he was featured in this months Citizen L.A.

The Party Bus, with Graffiti art by Sherm


Climbing windows for Eduardo Galeano

11 Jun

There are many reasons to admire Eduardo Galeano. For me it came with an understanding of Latin American economics. You can not get a full perspective of Latin American politics or history, without understanding the place of Latin America in global economics from mercantilism to industrialization, capitalism, globalization, and neo-colonization. 

When I discovered Galeano I noticed the poetry in his words. When I opened “Venas Abiertas de Latino America” (Open Veins of Latin America), I was sucked into the way he told the story of Latin America because it was beautiful, sincere, passionate, and empathetic. This was something no academic book was able to give me while a Latin American and Latino Studies major at UCSC. Recently, Chavez introduced Obama to Galeano by giving him this book

Galeano, as a writer and journalist has my respect and admiration. He had to flee both his native-country of Uruguay and then Argentina because of military coups and dictators who did not want his voice in the public. This is very much the story of one of my professors at UCSC, Guillermo Delgado, who had to leave Bolivia bc he was a journalist  for the people. Delgado has recently served as an advisor to Evo Morales, and can you believe that UCSC wants to cut his position. The UCSC Students of Color Colletive added the retention of Delgado to their list of demands from the university. for which they held a hunger strike. Add them on facebook, here

Anyways, I derived from my original story…today, Galeano is speaking at the downtown L.A. Library and I’m arriving several hours before the doors open…i failed to RSVP. Hopefully I get in, even if I have to climb windows. Check out the following clips, this is Galeano remembering womyn thru-out history from Joan of Arc to Violeta Parra