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My Great Uncle’s Passing at 105 Years Old

5 Apr

imgp4760It was friday around 8:30PM when i received a text ” vos , que el tio reginaldo fallecio a las 8″. My great uncle, my grandmother’s brother, past on. 

I stopped. Re-read the text. And a wealth of signs i had witnessed for the past month zoomed thru my head signaling what was now fact. Deep inside, my spirit was already aware of this. I faced the fact and could do nothing else but cry. I had to sit and get some air. The friends who were with me could do nothing at the time, except give me some space to go thru my emotions.

They drove me home and i felt in a complete daze. My mind wandered everywhere. I made it home and zoned out in my room. I found my journal where i drew a portrait of him when I last saw him in August 2008. I knew back then that i needed to see him, his wife had just past and I knew he would soon follow. I found him and took pictures and film while my mom interviewed him for me. “Ubico!”, is what he kept mentioning. Ubico was a Guatemalan President/dictator that funded many infrastructure projects through out Guatemala. My great Uncle Reginaldo built roads, tunnels, buildings, and bridges in Xela.

There is a bridge in Xela that took many of the men’s lives while being constructed. The Goddess that protected that area needed sacrifices made to her if this bridge was to hold up. So she took them. This bridge my great uncle helped to build remains strong, through the earthquakes and hurricanes that have past by.

My great uncle, he lived a full life. He past at 105  years old, the oldest person in Xela. No one could have asked for more. I only wish I would have sat next to him and heard more stories. Before I left, me despedi as he sat in his rocking chair, the place where he decided to leave this reality. I kissed him and told him that when I asked for his blessing and wisdom I would pronounce his name in prayer.

I know he’s fine. He has joined his wife and my grandmother amongst my ancestors. I dreamt my grandmother a couple times before I left to Mexico City. She was so happy, skipping around, becoming younger, even her hair was darker. I saw her on a gloomy day, much like what Thursday looked like. We sat down to talk at a bench in front of a lake. Last Sunday I found my grandmothers corte after it was lost for over 3 years. I also found VHS tapes of my trips to Guate when I was a kid. On Thursday a flock of white doves flew over me.

I know he’s ok.

Mi Tio Reginaldo and his wife