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Walking and Art at the Brewery

20 Apr

I was home on a beautiful Sunday wanting to get out and find some live music. I tried going to a Cuban festival but it was not free to join in the fun. So what is just as good as music? ART !

Me and the homegirl went to the Art Walk at the Brewery. Every spring and fall the Art Colony at the Brewery (a real live, breathing, creative colony of artists) live and work together in studios and warehouses, openning their doors to invite the muses in. Here’s a little bit of what I saw…

Dueling Shrouds: a life portrait by Ann Erpino

Dueling Shrouds: a life portrait by Ann Erpino

I stopped at Ann Erpino’s studio and found beautifully detailed oil on canvas paintings of nature over taking scenes of urban decay, aka ruins. A very serene and surreal feeling comes about as you stare at her creations. Deliberate lines, buildings, structures, and shapes are constructed within her canvas but trees, flowers, and butterflies take over the landscape the only way nature knows to do best. She really captures a moment in time that we might know as “the end of time” or the fall of civilization. But it is in this moment of abandonment of our way of life that nature continues to grow and flourish.  Erpino’s essence as a womyn really shows thru her paintings. My favorite piece was of a girl sitting on a rock formed couch reading a book at the edge of a cliff. After the edge you see what could be the Grand Canyon except green and grassy with layers of shelves holding an infinity of books.

I also found Japanes artist that posed the following question in one of his paintings, “Alguien aqui habla Japones?” (Does someone here speak Japanese?). “Hai! Watashi wa Ana desu! Anata wa, donata desu ka?” He said CJ Kang. I really enjoyed his paintings with large pigeons replacing human heads. I found another piece that originally said, “Made in Sweden”, but he crossed out S-W-E-D and wrote W-O-M, “Made in Women”. OFCOUSE we are made in womyn! Me and Sandra looked at each other and started laughing. At this point i asked the artist more about his work as it was influenced by the feminine energy. Outside the artist also had rusty furniture that held plants. A beautiful little garden and Sandra became captivated by the peppers!


After some more art perusal we bumped into BHIX. Yah, his paintings were crazy. There was no one single painting you could focus on. They were all colorful, sporadic, twisted, and animated, yet … simple. Very free-stylesk, this is the best kind of art anyways, the one were you just go!

Hundreds of paintings by Billy Hix

Hundreds of paintings by Billy Hix

So that was pretty much it. We wandered around a little bit and found jeans for $5. We were about to follow some people carrying 10 boxes of pizzas up some stairs to try and find the party but we were’nt invited. I found a 2 bd room for rent sign for $2,000 but someone wrote that in 1997, this same loft use to be $1,200. Yah, it’s expensive to live in gentrified Los Angeles. But you don’t have to live with high expenses to be an artist. Although I would not mind living in an art colony. I imagine it to be art all day everyday… Maybe there’s an art colony in South L.A….maybe I should start my own …