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I rather be lonely than happy with somebody else

3 May

Do you ever hear your stories in songs? In lyrics and instruments i hear poetry, imagination, emotions, stories and truths.  Musicians are often times the truest of poets. When it comes down to things, you can always look towards music to explain to you the complexities of life or love. You find music to soothe something inside of you bc it sings what you feel in beautiful ways. Why do you think we relate so much to songs, era’s,  and artists? I believe music captures our humanity in deeper ways than what me might acknowledge. Music makes me dance, it makes me groove. It helps me move  forward.

I’ve been sitting still lately and listening to music to find my truths and sentimientos. But usually I’m dancing a lot to music. Calle 13 is one of my favorite groups right now because they make the political danceable. Pero mas que heco, tambien cuentan historias de la gente. Their documentary travels through Peru, Venezuela, y otros paises de Latino America. Ellos son de Puerto Rico. El accento es sexy. Calle 13 makes me enjoy myself while dancing. It feels silly. And its a good thing that music can do that.

For now I hope that music can help me figure things out for myself. There’s many components that make up Ana. Many, many ways that i exist and feel. As i sort through my own chaos i’m gonna let music take over this ride to help define my emotions. The video below is Billy Holiday’s version, and i picked it because of the little notecards that are drawn. Reminds me of myself and my friend Zoe. My favorite way that “Love me or Leave me” is sung and played on piano is by Miss Nina Simone with her magical god-given talent. This  piece defines how i feel about someone I love. I am standing at the crossroads and I am asking him to Love me or Leave me, I realized there’s no one else for me but him. This song also helps me understand that if our love is lost, I will still have myself, and I will learn how to forgive myself. I will have my writing, my paint, and my brushes, this is how I intend to be independently blue.

“Love me or Leave me or Let me be Lonely
You won’t believe me, I love you only
I’d rather be lonely,
Then happy with somebody else”