The 13th Moon

The 13th Moon is my first solo art exhibition featuring 13 pieces completed between 2007 and 2010. I chose this title for my exhibition bc there are 13 moons in a year, the last one representing transformation. Transformation is a continuous cycle of change we hold in our human experience. We are constantly transformed through age and experiences, books and education, violence and trauma, life and death, blessings and victimization.

The photographs below are some of the pieces featured in the exhibition. My art work in the 13th Moon is an acknowledgment of personal changes as well as the changes I want to see amongst my peers, my family, my community, and the world. Each painting has a story, a time line in which it was created that holds real memories of my experiences and my life. I only hope that in painting truthfully, the viewer is able to relate and be touched by what my art is expressing.

Ixel is the Mayan Goddess of the Moon. The moon is an acestor, a grandmother, a piece of this Earth that keeps us company at night.

Ix’el, La Abuela 2007

2’ X 4’

Acrylic and Spirit on Canvas

Our moon is the most cyclical and consistent representation of continous transformation. This painting is an honor to the moon’s wisdom and the wisdom of my ancestors. In the Mayan Story of Creation, The Popul Vuh, Ix’el the moon goddess advises the twin brothers to create humans using maiz, corn. After attempting to create humans from mud, wood, and other materials, the twin brothers took Ix’el’s advice and created us with a soul and a spirit, a heart, and manner by which we can thank our creator for our blessings.

Chalchiutlicue, esposa de Tlaloc, 2010

16” X 20”

Acrylic, Glitter, and Spirit on Canvas

Chalchiuhtlicue is the Nahua goddess of running water, holding power over ocean waves and rivers.  From flowing water we all cleanse ourselves. It is important that we take care of our sacred waters, our oceans, and rivers. We humans are not the only ones who need water to survive. There are fish, dragon flies, pelicans, dolphins, oysters, plants, turtles, and an infinite amount of other beings that depend on water for their livelihoods as well.

Fairy, Lotus, & Bats, 2010

14” X 11”

Acrylic, Glitter, Paint Marker, Sequins, Spray Paint, and Spirit on Canvas

The lotus flower is recognized for its beauty and resiliency as it grows from muddy waters.  We can also be like the lotus and grow beautifully from our ghettos, our mistakes, and our tragedies. Bats are an ancient symbol of transformation and re-birth. The wisdom found in the lotus and the bat tells us that is easier to go with change than to resist it. Become free to fly.

Dancing to my Transformation, 2010

20” X 16”

Acrylic, Glitter, Paint Marker, and Spirit on Canvas

If you can move you can dance. And dance you must! If you want to taste the sweetness of life and all that it offers, butterflies teach you how to be graceful through your transmutations. Like the butterfly that remakes itself, we also fulfill different stages in our lives. Take advantage of the changes happening in you to become more colorful. Fly and dance from flower to flower.

Ancestors and Magic, Borders and Struggles, 2010

24” X 24”

Acrylic, Glitter, and Spirit on Canvas

When I think of immigration, it is not limited to a newscaster or politician’s version of the story. When I think about immigration I want people to acknowledge the level of violence that indigenous peoples of the Americas have endured and survived. When I think about immigration I want people to acknowledge Spanish migration, colonization, and genocide; the migration of Europeans and the forced migration of Africans through enslavement; the fight for freedom by African-Americans, the struggle to keep culture and the practice of our spirituality alive, and the fight for land by Native Americans; the economic colonization of labor and natural resources that impoverish communities in Latin America; and the continued violence lived through the criminalization, separation, detainment, and deportations of families.

When I think about immigration, I am grateful for my mother’s courage to fight poverty and create a better life for my sisters and myself. When I think about immigration, I stand next to friends who want to create a future by acquiring a college education. When I think about immigration, I search for my past, find treasure, and my future written in the stars. When I think about how we have survived violence, I know that I must write, I must paint, and tell my story.

Serpiente, An Ancestor,

4’ X 3’

Acrylic, Paint Marker, Spray Paint, and Spirit on Canvas


Chumash Island of Spirit, 2008 – 2010

4’ X 1½

Acrylic, Spray Paint, Poetry and Spirit on Recycled Wood

While on a spiritual journey I found a beautiful giant. She was shaped like a serpent’s head; she was a volcanic lava rock at the top of a hill, on an island, off the Chumash Coast. I could not carry the rock back on the boat or live on this island. Instead I painted the serpent and the island. May you find your spiritual path, the path where you find and create your destiny, a path which teaches you how to walk through life in a more humble, wise, and loving way. A path where you trust your full potential, reach your dreams, your goals, and your visions without fear.

One Response to “The 13th Moon”

  1. Guillermo "Yermo" Aranda August 26, 2011 at 11:27 AM #

    Vibrant and alive, love those colors. Keep moving forward, art is a life time of exploration.
    Yermo. Perhaps we can do a collaboration some time.

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