Pintando Paredes on Melrose and Heliotrope!

” What do you parents think of you doing graffiti art?”, asked my niece during her film interview.

i repeated the question and realized, ” i dont think my parents know that i spray paint…”

How does anyone pick up a spray can and use it as their medium to express art and political opinion? Many do, i wish i could count how many we are, we probably exist in the millions…

But in Los Angeles I dont know very many Central American Muralist/Graff artists beside Timoi, Sonji, and Cache. It would be awesome if Central American muralist/graff artists in Los Angeles intentionally came together to paint! I’ll table that dream for now…im about to go to Guatemala in a few weeks, perhaps Ill meet graff artists there!

Below is a short photo video of a mural produced by myself and Timoi, two Guatemalan graffiti artists hanging out in Los Angeles. We painted on the corner of Heliotrope and Melrose during the October Ciclavia event. Check it out. Enjoy!

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