Cosmic Warrior

One early morning in October 2012, Sonji and I secured a wall in Albuquerque, New Mexico from a new friend we made, Juan, aka ABBA. He was an LA transplant now living in Burque, who heard we were searching for a wall, any wall to paint on. He gave us this wall and it was on. Without a scaffold, yet, but with all the willingness to start painting, we began drawing at the bottom of the wall.





There were many people passing by, curious folks just wondering what this random group of women were doing with paintbrushes and spray cans in their hands. We didnt look like some crazy cholas tagging up the wall… i mean maybe… but really we had a larger vision to share about who we were and what mattered to us…





Thanks to the ladies from Grafitti Crew, Queens Under Estimated, aka QUE, we created a sketch together on site, and threw it on the wall.



We encouraged one another. Daring one another to draw what felt right. To spray paint with intuition and trust our skills as we made them public. It was beautiful to be a part of this process. I had only met these womyn 2 days before, and here we were throwing it down on a wall.



It was an amazing vision. An amazing outcome. An amazing experience to have co-created the Cosmic Warrior. A women who carried her medicine, courage, and strength inside of her. I designed her huipil, a traditional Guatemalan blouse worn by women like my grandmother, aunties, and cousins. The Skirt was designed with Mayan snake symbols. And her moccasins held a New Mex. emblem. The homegirl from Four Corners, painted her face, drawing the # 12 subconsciously, and owning it as the year we came together to paint this mural.

From Burque to LA. From LA to Burque, there was a sincere exchange of love, appreciation, creativity, dream making, and dream painting.

Many people wanted to know more about our random adventure. A writer from Albuquerque the Magazine, Adam Baca, called and interviewed us a few months later. It was an awesome article that really captured the adventurous and whimsical spirit from which we painted “the Cosmic Warrior” .

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