Don’t let me go

20 Nov

Dear dad,

i remember… When I arrived to your home last december. it was hot and humid and I couldn’t wait to take off the corduroy pants I wore… You opened the door and welcomed me in. You embraced me with a big heart, a big hug, and a big smile…

“Bienvenida a tu casa…”

it was good to see you. it was good to walk into your home and into my room.

i changed into shorts and took off my shoes. I walked around barefoot on the cool, clean tile floor…

we would argue for the next 4 days about how I should wear shoes “y no Andes descalsa”… But honestly, my feet were perfectly happy walking on the cool, clean floors.

i wish I could remember more hugs. Bt now I will have to make them Up…

As I embrace you in my heart… Please feel what I feel…

It is warm between us. You wrap your arms around me. And I rest my face on your button shirt…

dont let me go … Just keep holding me …

One Response to “Don’t let me go”

  1. A November 20, 2013 at 9:05 AM #

    Just FYI, and I’m sure You already know, but I just wanted to reiterate that a Dad always has his daughter in his Heart while knowing she carries his with warmth & affection with her always.

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