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Letting go of “things”

7 Sep

Letters, phone calls, and hang out time are the original forms of communication. If you want you can add telepathy. This week I left facebook and it already feels like one of the best choices i could have made for myself this year. Its a website with an overload of information that has crowded my thoughts and blinded me from insights. I feel much lighter already and ill keep celebrating this weight loss.

I want to thank my friends who have reached out to share their love through phone calls, emails, and text messages. I genuinely feel people’s good vibe, energy, and words that are being shared with me in ways that existed before infocrak (fbook).

This summer I have given up a number of material possessions such as clothes, books, shoes, unused art supplies, kitchen ware, everything and anything that has not had a function in my life except to crowd space. It was not easy at first, i really feared letting go of things I thought had a deeper meaning or value. Now that I have begun this process, its become easier and easier to continue letting go of things. Its been a surprising process that has rewarded me by making me feel more free. Im learning that as i let go of these material things, i make room for my emotional and spiritual growth. We are attached to “things” because we feel they give us some sort of certainty of our existence. Things provide a memory, e.g., a pair of shoes can remind you of the time you trekked across an unknown city and discovered delicious food, amazing musicians, and dancing floors. I thought that if i threw something out, i was throwing out the memory and meaning of things. But memory is ultimately within. It still exists. And that’s all it needs to be.

I have gifted things too. And this has been the most special. Because once i threw out meaningless things, ive been left with more meaningful items. And giving those up have open my mind and spirit. One, i get to share something beautiful with someone else and this feels good bc there is intention and even prayers within these items. Two, these special items get to go on an adventure and have a new life. And three, it creates possibilities about who I can continue to become. Im realizing that keeping things is maintaining a stagnation of being. Like chi, energy, water, wind, everything has to keep moving and flowing. Like fire and earth i can keep transforming myself to a better me.

Yes, this is good. Let go. Release. Detach.

Gone with the Breeze, color pencil sketch 9.7.12

Sharks that Climb

3 Sep

9.3.12 color pencil illustration thumbnails: spicy shark climbing gently (random words picked from a hat)

Bare Bones

3 Sep

8.29.12: skeleton, pencil sketch 1