From Volcanoes to Jungles and Islands

18 Nov

Walking thru humid weather feels as though my spirit has lived in the jungle before. El calor humido sobre mi cuerpo se siento rico y me da nostalgia de algun pasado vivido…

Hace una semana andava encima de un volcan debajo de la luna llena. Habia un friaso que hasta me dio dolor de cabeza. Usually when your hiking, you wanna take off layers of clothing, but as i kept climbing the volcano, it kept getting colder, and colder… ice cold. La noche que subi el volcan Santa Maria bajo la temperatura a menos de zero grados C. Estava super cansada al llegar arriba, mi respiracion me costo. Me dormi un ratito y desperte con el amanecer de el solesito. Poco a poco, el sol calentava la tierra y mi ser. Encima del volcan di un oracion y un agradecimiento al creador, los ancestros, y las quatro direcciones.

Full Moon Hike: Sunrise behind Atitlan, Solola (Elevation: 12, 375 ft.)

The rise of the sun over Guatemala/Quetzaltenango 11.10.11

Xela! My mother's hometown!!!!

Hi! Im hella tired, my feet hurt, and I dont wanna climb down!!!

This week I find myself among lush green palm trees, yerbas, y plantas. Its green and humid everywhere in Panama. Im in shorts and a tank top everyday. I’ve gone swimming in the Atlantic several times now, and ive gone to a couple islands. On one island we climbed all the way to the top and found a radio tower of sorts. We climbed up the tower and were at eye’s view of the entire island and the Atlantic Ocean. A friend that’s hosting me took the time to do some soul searching and i took the time to ponder on the definition and concept of a soul mate. What else are you suppose to do but think deep wonders about life when you’re overseeing so much beautiful earth and ocean before you …

Encima de Isla Grande, Panama

Volando sobre el Mar Atlantico

Panamanian Public Transit: El Bumpin' Party Bus

Soulmate: Alguien que quiere andar en las mismas aventuras conmigo! Alguien que no te corta las alas y vuela tambien!

This year ive had many of these moments where im among breathtaking views of the Earth and I feel that I have to be at the right place at the right time in my life.  What else can one do but give thanks, feel blessed, feel confident in your path, and look forward to the future.

La Puerta Hacia el Futuro

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