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i take it back

30 Apr

it should never be too late to demonstrate your love and affection towards someone special in your life. even post-relationship.

after thinking about it a little more, i realized i was being hypocrite. ive written tons of poems before, during, and after a relationship. and at every stage i didn’t share all my pieces for X amount of reasons. i know why i didn’t share it. i knew when it was right to read my poems to someone. and post-relationship… well it was my way of processing and acknowledging my truths and my feelings.

after the day you break up with someone, the love that was shared doesnt automatically wipe itself away. personally ,love has a habit of lingering around. even when i’ve been the one to make the executive decision of getting out of a relationship… theres always sooo much emotion left.

with all the emotions left it feels like im carrying a bunch of things in my arms that are falling all over the place. it feels crazy. you have to set them down somewhere. let them go somewhere. i usually get all melancholy and listen to Juan Gabriel and sing very loud. i also go and talk to the full moon. she always listens, and i can always be honest with her. but 9 times out of 10… i will usually just write. this is how i set things down. i leave them on paper. in notebooks. on laptops. in emails to myself. out of everything i write… maybe 10% ever goes out into daylight. my writings, my process, my truths, my confusion, my tears, my excitement, my imagination… these things live in notebooks sitting next to my bed.

im gonna put a zine together. im gonna search thru my journals and share them with the world… feelings deserve a place to live. even if they are feelings acknowledged post-relationship. feelings are truths. period. truths have rights! i will continue to find ways to liberate my truths!