I cant help but write

18 Feb

I cant help but write. I have words that want to exist in the open. Do you know what I mean? I’ve been afraid to write out loud because of the ways in which you might interpret or misinterpret my words. Instead i keep my writings in notebooks at my bedside. But what about everything i have learned and need to share? What about my process and reflection? What about me? As a writer, a poet, a human, i have to find different mediums for expression. I am an extrovert in continuous inner reflection that wants to be alive amidst the contradictions. Do i begin to share with an audience that will remain anonymous bc i can not control who sits in front of the computer screen with my page pulled up. Can i just write and share and have it be that?! Will you, dear reader, promise to not hold these words against me? Regardless of the unspoken promise, i will continue to write and share. After all, this is not about you, its about me.


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