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Friendship vs Romance

18 Feb

When I am drawn to someone it goes beyond the surface. If I am attracted to you it’s gone beyond the physical. I have already felt the cosmic connection, the universe that pulled us closer. And here I am as this poet, with words that want to exist somewhere in the open. I question if I should be careful and repress these metaphors out of fear that they would be taken too serious…  But what good is being a poet if it I exist in silence?! I will not ask for forgiveness, I will not ask for permission. This is about me. You only inspired.

Your friendship is worth the flight to coastal mountains. At the edge we can take in the oceans’ blue immensity. At the edge we can breath from the winds that have caressed island flowers. At the edge we can sit quietly amongst the branches. Seeing you with sunset rays’ background, I would not know who is more golden.

If I give you purple flowers picked from my garden will you misunderstand my intention? My intention is to show you the garden as a whole. We can take a walk and notice the lady bugs, grasshoppers and butterflies that dance. I want to show you the details that exist in this garden because it compliments your beauty.

I am a woman flying in my galaxy but I find myself colliding into your smile. Like a black hole I want to be taken in by you. Touched by your music my stars would sing to you. Touched by your fingertips my planets would strum to you.

Can I give you flowers and poetry in exchange for a friendship? Can I share feelings without interrupting the exchange in sincerity? Can I get to know you the way two butterflies find each other on the same petal? Share a slow dance bc nothing has to happen by tomorrows dusk.

I rather see your wings amongst the clouds than have you take root with me. I rather love you than to never know you. I rather follow you to where you want to go that to sit still. I am here walking upon destiny’s path.

Can I just let my words and feelings sprinkle like rainfall and slide down your leaves. If you cup them and hold my verses just know that my water is pure. If you let them roll off then my hope is that I can dampen the soil that nourishes you. There is no flood, only February showers.

I don’t want your days and your nights. I just want your dawns and your truths. I want a glimpse into your passions. I’m simply curious about your twilight. I want to know what makes you human on this earth. The romance is only secondary.

I cant help but write

18 Feb

I cant help but write. I have words that want to exist in the open. Do you know what I mean? I’ve been afraid to write out loud because of the ways in which you might interpret or misinterpret my words. Instead i keep my writings in notebooks at my bedside. But what about everything i have learned and need to share? What about my process and reflection? What about me? As a writer, a poet, a human, i have to find different mediums for expression. I am an extrovert in continuous inner reflection that wants to be alive amidst the contradictions. Do i begin to share with an audience that will remain anonymous bc i can not control who sits in front of the computer screen with my page pulled up. Can i just write and share and have it be that?! Will you, dear reader, promise to not hold these words against me? Regardless of the unspoken promise, i will continue to write and share. After all, this is not about you, its about me.