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blogging it up

6 Nov

through out the summer, and into the fall i have done a 175 degree turn. i use to focus on others, their events, their life, their news, their world and was lost in my own world.

i stopped writing because i got a pinched nerve for spending so much damn time writing, researching, bloggin, posting and who knows what else. ive gone to the chiropractor, the acupuncturist, a massage therapist… but honestly, what i needed was to focus inwards. focus on my heart. and in this way i have begun my process into being more real and true to myself.

i love it. because i am rediscovering and remaking myself. my writing has turned exclusively inwards. i still expose what little i am willing to share to the world wide web, and if i kick it with you ill write and read to you. this is the way i want to share with people right now. one on one. or simply one with myself.

so enjoy this blog project i started a year ago. i had lots of fun with it. i got to know some really amazing writers, bloggers, and photographers thru this medium. there’s some cool stuff on this site. and the link to alex sanches is

maybe ill pick up this project again later. when im willing to be there. paz. 🙂