What is happening in IRAN ?

16 Jun

womyn iran

A lot is happening in Iran. Indeed it is beautiful and inspiring to see the power of the people rise in unison not just in Iran, but also in places like El Salvador and Peru. To be witness through media and computer screens to a nation’s awake in political resistance is inspiring. It is true that there can hardly exist such mass resistance to the status quo without mass repression and state-sponsored violence

I want my readers to also be aware of the happenings, so I have added links thru-out this blog in the name of solidarity. The best independent news source from Iran comes from the Tehran Bureau covering Iran’s questionable “re-elelection” of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the supposed “defeat” of Mir-Hossein Mousavi that occurred on June 12th. By Sunday, mad twittering, skype conversations, youtube uploaders, and bloggers began to fill the web with news from personal accounts on the violent situation that the Iran population in support of Mousavi  are facing from their government. 

Yesterday, over a million people gathered at Azadi Square, aka Freedom Square,iran million even with cell phone networks and texting cut off by authorities. to limit organizing. But pay phones and the world wide web has prevailed! The threat of police induced violence and murders has created much tension and suffering throughout these past few days. Yet, the face of defiance is much more brilliant, bringing this uprising as one of the largest in Iran since the 1979 Iranian Revolution.The best collection of photographs i have found thus far are here

If you twitter, you can search the following hashtags and keywords for direct tweets from Iran:  AhmadinejadMousavi, and Tehran also go here, to tweet is to be at risk of being persecuted.

If you are on Flickr search under:  Iran Elections and Iran Riots 2009 

On Youtube you can find videos and type in Iran Riots, Iran Protests, Iran Elections 2009. 

If you need more links, check out this blogger and my most sincere recommendation goes to this site: Revolutionary Road

2 Responses to “What is happening in IRAN ?”

  1. BraveJeWorld June 17, 2009 at 10:44 AM #

    The protests are impressive but will it create a change immediately? Probably not. Will it create a change in the long run though? Most likely. Ahmedinajad will have a much harder time over the next 4 years in how he manages his country. Should he get slapped on the wrist by the international community over his nuclear programme, which is very likely, he will have a hard time coming back to find comfort from his own people. Change could well be in the air.

  2. Seed2Create June 17, 2009 at 11:53 AM #

    1 million people mobilized. Sounds like Los Angeles in 2006. Millions of people in the street in the wake of HR4437 becoming law. Among other very bad things, this law would make it a federal crime to “aid” anyone that was undocumented–the people responded.

    Iran we are in solidarity with your struggle because it is our struggle.

    Thank you for all the links. Thank you for all the information, Ana Ruth.

    In Solidarity-Maria Elizabeth

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