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A Scribbled Mind, A Wild Web of Thoughts

9 Jun
ana's tangeted mind

ana's tangeted mind

Lately, the theme of soul searching and query has been on “how to focus”. My answer is something like this: It takes dedication & discipline towards your passion and goals…

Simple enough. But I can not commit to one single purpose. I have already attempted to be more selective in what i involve myself and commit to, but I am still finding myself busy, sometimes overwhelmed, and sometimes stressed. At the end of the day, I am still unsatisfied with my progress… in media production.

I am living in Los Angeles, a city with hundreds of happenings a day. And do I want to miss any of them? No, quiero andar de metiche. I enjoy people and being out, and this city fulfills that for me. But talk about distractions, I sit here wishing there were 20 of me to attend to all the things i want to see and do and know.

So, how can I focus? Cut myself off from the internet so that I may never know what is happening and in this way cut off temptation? Re-adjust my environment to obtain some sort of discipline and scheduled routine for media production work? Oh, i just remember how much post-production frustrates me bc I don’t have anyone to teach me this software mess! There I am at 1AM trying to figure out what could be simply done with a click of a button, except i don’t know which button. So I give up on production, i give up on focusing…

My mind feels scribbled on. I can’t focus. I need to move past this realization and do something about it…my mind feels heavy and messy (its why i write anyways) I need some words of wisdom… do you have any to spare?!?!?