Herstory of the Feminist Encuentro

19 Mar

62On Monday, March 16th, 2009, the 11th Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Gathering began in Mexico City, Mexico. These historic gatherings of womyn from Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean happened for the first time in 1981 in Bogoto, Colombia. This space was created for the purpose of:

“Reuniting Latin American womyn who are committed to feminist practices to exchange experiences, opinions, identify problems and evaluate the different practices towards development, and in this way plan the work and projects needed for the future”. (Colectivo Colombiano CineMujer)

189 womyn participated, and nineteen countries were represented in the first gathering during the days of July 18–21, 1981. Four commissions/ workshops under the themes of Sexuality, Womyn and Culture, Womyn and Labor, and Feminism and Political Challenges were created. Indeed this gathering proved to be historic and conclusions set pace for the work that needed to be done under a feminist agenda:

1) Feminism in Latin America and its relation to the process of transformation and liberation in the context of this historic movement were explicitly specified and identified. Even though it was recognized that feminists shared similar challenges, a difference between feminist movements in Europe and the United States was established.

2) It was recognized that feminism was at the fore front in the struggle against capitalism and its relationships of subordination that exists between countries. It is a struggle against the relationship of power and violence and its multiple expressions in both the “public” and “private” sphere.

3) It was found necessary for the feminist movement to be independent from political parties.

4) Finally, the feminist struggle was not just engaged in the process for social change within Latin America, it is also important to transform daily life. The political importance of radically modifying the ways in which womyn related with each other, with men, children, and with objects. ( Comite Impulsor XI Encuentro Feminista, Mexico, D.F., 2009, pg. 16)

hermanamirabal1Another note of importance is that within this first gathering, November 25th was declared as the “International Day of No Violence Against Womyn”. This day was chosen in memory of the Maribal Sisters who were assassinated by the dictator Trujillo of the Dominican Republic on November 25, 1960.

Since 1981, the gathering has occurred every 2-3 years there after. It has convened in Lima, Peru (1983), Bertioga, Brazil (1985), Taxco, Mexico (1987), San Bernardo, Argentina (1990), Costa del Sol, El Salvador (1993), Cartagena, Chile (1996), Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic (1999), Playa Tambor, Costa Rica (2002), and Sierra Negra, Brazil (2005). This year, 2009, it has returned to Mexico, to the Historic Center and core of this country. This gathering continues to transform and redefine feminism at the individual and collective level. So far, this gathering has held fierce discussions, debates, and workshops, balanced by art, theater, dance and dj´s.

*I am a couple days behind on my documentation of this event. Althought I was very much frustrated with my inability to document to my ideals, i had to let that go and realize that documenting, writing, and reflecting is alot more simple than these slow a** computers. It meant writing non-stop in my notebook for 45 minutes before going to sleep last night. It was the only way i was going to achieve sleep anyway. The mind needs a way to download, and pen and paper does not freeze on me or tell me that i no longer have enough GBs.

I have also become better at being more present, and being online and blogging takes away time from being present at the conference. This gathering has already added to my own evolution, transformation of being human, being a womyn, and being a feminist. And I´ll continue to share past this conference.

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