International Human Rights Day

11 Dec

Did you take time today to reflect on your human rights?

12/10/08 - International Human Rights Day Vigil in front of Federal building, downtown L.A.

12/10/08 - International Human Rights Day Vigil in front of Federal building, downtown L.A.

On Dec. 10, 2008, International Human Rights Day,  Los Angeles, community organizers supporting immigrant rights called a candle light vigil and march to the downtown federal building today to remind people and this government of the human rights they violate daily towards immigrant people. Ending family separations between U.S. born children/citizens and their mothers and fathers would return some humanity to us all as a nation.

This country however was founded on the violation of human rights. First; Indigenous genocide, land theft, enslavement, punishment for spiritual and cultural practices,  degradation of life, and boarding school teachings. Second; Forced migration and enslavement of African peoples, lynching, chaining, beating, raping, owning, segregation, and assassination of freedom fighters. For every ethnic community that arrived on this country, they have been met with xenophobia, racism, segregation, relinquished to ghetto life, recruited into wars, under-educated, punished, imprisoned, over worked, underpaid, physically, spiritually, and mentally oppressed.

After the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, a border was drawn by man on a map. Ownership over lands once shared are now deserts with spirits still walking to cross the border, pushed out of one’s own country and homeland because of the economics at play since the conquest. Relegated to third world status, Latin American countries are good for exploitation from the sugar cane plantations of the Caribbean nations to the fabricas/maquilas using womyn for control and production.

I do not understand peoples hate towards our human brothers and sisters who are seeking a future. A future that is not guaranteed in their homeland. From Filipino womyn who become bride ordered to womyn who leave their child behind so they can send money to feed them, the level of oppression and exploitation, and lack of human rights has created an exodus from poor countries to the United States, a “first world” country. People are here to work, survive, find love, create families, educate children, keep culture alive, create businesses and share knowledge. But the U.S. government only know to humiliate, detain, deport, and seperate families.

Human rights have been denied in the United States since before 1776. This is a fact and this country still doesn’t know how to treat all humans with respect and equality.

So where do you stand today? Where will you stand tomorrow? Check yo’self and all your privileges.


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